How to Cooperate with Jesus in the Final Atonement and be Sealed

Step 1 – Think about or make a list of all the people in your life for whom you still hold grudges,
resentments, complaints, criticism including your spouse, children, parents, siblings, extended
family members, friends, or anyone who doesn’t come up to you expectations or annoys you

Step 2 – When no one else comes to your mind, ask God if there is anyone else that you may
have forgotten. God will bring that person to consciousness

Step 3 – Then take each person and make a list of all the hurts and wrongs that you feel have
been committed against you. Even if they have denied doing you wrong, remember that it is your
perception and reality that needs to be dealt with. Consider ways Satan has attacked you.
Reflect on (and list if desired) all the ways we have reacted to Satan’s attacks by denial, pretending,
excusing, blaming, justifying, talking about and not doing, or all the ways you have used
escape routes to connect yourself back to the world. Be specific. Our confession needs to go very
deep. Search our hearts for any root of bitterness (see other page for roots of bitterness)

Step 4 – Picture Jesus in the Most Holy Place interceding for each one of us. Give each incident
specifically to Him and tell Him that you do not want to carry it or remember it anymore. 1 Cor.
13:5 “Love keeps no record of wrongs.” Ask Him to heal you in all ways

Step 5 – Ask Jesus to forgive you for any resentments, complaints, criticisms and annoyances that
you have harbored in your heart in response to the injustices done to you. To forgive you for your
wrong reactions. Then ask Jesus to give you His forgiveness for each person that has injured you. Ask
Him for complete victory over these sins. Victory is a gift, but we must come to Jesus to ask for it

Step 6 – Now ask Jesus to cleanse your mind and part of your brain that stores the negative
emotions, hurts, pain that have been stored there as a result of any injury or abuse

Step 7 – Ask Jesus to cleanse your books. Only Christ can cleanse the temple

Step 8 – Ask Him to give you His thoughts about all those individuals. Ask Him to give you His
love for everyone, to esteem others better than yourself, to give you His gift of meekness and
humility. We must be rooted and grounded in this love. Only Christ can renew our minds, but we
have to co-operate with Him

Step 9 – Ask Jesus to remove all the demons involved with these sins and to send the demons to
the abyss and only to the abyss. The enemy has sown tares in our hearts, and they need to be
rooted out and cast away

Step 10 – Ask Jesus to seal you in on all these points that you have confessed so that you will
never again take up these offences. Choose to follow Jesus and die to self and sin every day
Claim Isa. 26:12-14 – the blotting out of sin. 12 Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we
have accomplished you have done for us. 13 Lord our God, other lords besides you have ruled
over us, but your name alone do we honor. 14 They are now dead, they live no more; You punished
them and brought them to ruin; you wiped out all memory of them.

Step 11 – claim Col. 3:3 “For you died and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.”
Reflect on His life, His love, His death, His resurrection, how He is interceding for us today. It is
all about Jesus. May I reflect His character and be filled with the fullness of His Holy Spirit

Step 12 – Ask for a new vision, a holy unction that fits us so we can reach others. Ask for a love
for souls. Start working for their salvation, ask to be led to them, pray for them, witness to them,
minister to them, talk to them about Christ and His soon coming. Pray for wisdom, strength,
power and holy boldness to do this work. Keep our eyes continually fixed on Jesus

The plant of love must be carefully nourished, else it will die. Every good principle must be cherished
if we would have it thrive in the soul. That which Satan plants in the heart,–envy, jealousy, evil
surmising, evil speaking, impatience, prejudice, selfishness, covetousness, and vanity,–must
be uprooted. If these evil things are allowed to remain in the soul, they will bear fruit by which many
shall be defiled. Oh, how many cultivate the poisonous plants, that kill out the precious fruits of
love and defile the soul! Some of these who cherish evil, think they have a burden for souls. They make
public profession of their love to God, and yet see no necessity for weeding the garden of the heart,
for uprooting every unsightly, unholy weed, for letting the beams of the Sun of Righteousness
shine into the soul temple. They do not know Jesus. They have no knowledge of what it is to be a
practical Christian, that is, to be Christlike. {ST, November 14, 1892

When Peter said he would follow his Lord to prison and to death, he meant it, every word of it; but he did
not know himself. Hidden in his heart were elements of evil that circumstances would fan into life. Unless he
was made conscious of his danger, these would prove his eternal ruin. The Saviour saw in him a self-love
and assurance that would overbear even his love for Christ. Much of infirmity

[physical or moral degeneracy],
of unmortified sin [no humiliation or shame], carelessness of spirit, unsanctified temper,
heedlessness in entering into temptation, had been revealed in his experience. Christ’s solemn warning
was a call to heart searching. Peter needed to distrust himself, and to have a deeper faith
in Christ. Had he in humility received the warning, he would have appealed to the Shepherd of the flock
to keep His sheep. When on the Sea of Galilee he was about to sink, he cried, “Lord, save me.” Matthew
14:30. Then the hand of Christ was outstretched to grasp his hand. So now if he had cried to Jesus, Save
me from myself, he would have been kept. But Peter felt that he was distrusted, and he thought it cruel. He
was already offended, and he became more persistent in his self-confidence. {DA 673.3}

The prejudices and opinions that prevailed at Minneapolis are not dead by any means; the seeds sown there
in some hearts are ready to spring into life and bear a like harvest. The tops have been cut down, but the
roots have never been eradicated, and they still bear their unholy fruit to poison the judgment,
pervert the perceptions, and blind the understanding of those with whom you connect, in
regard to the message and the messengers. When, by thorough confession, you destroy the root of
bitterness, you will see light in God’s light. Without this thorough work you will never clear your souls.
You need to study the word of God with a purpose, not to confirm your own ideas, but to bring them to be
trimmed, to be condemned or approved as they are or are not in harmony with the word of God. The Bible
should be your constant companion. You should study the testimonies, not to pick out certain sentences
to use as you see fit, to strengthen your assertions, while you disregard the plainest statements given to
correct your course of action. {TM 467.1}

I beseech all who engage in the work of murmuring and complaining because something has been said or
done that does not suit them, and that does not, as they think, give them due consideration, to remember
that they are carrying on the very work begun in heaven by Satan. They are following in his track,
sowing unbelief, discord, and disloyalty; for no one can entertain feelings of disaffection, and keep them to
himself. He must tell others that he is not treated as he should be. Thus they are led to murmur
and complain. This is the root of bitterness springing up, whereby many are defiled. {4BC 1142.3}[To Isaiah 8:12]

43 Roots of bitterness as listed in EGW See Hebrews 12:14,15

  • Envy Malice Dissension
  • Dissatisfaction Murmuring Disrespect
  • Variance Evil speaking Faultfinding
  • Hatred Self-esteem Emulation
  • Strife Jealousies Evil surmisings
  • Prejudice Talebearing Condemning
  • Maliciousness Blackening characters Questioning doubts
  • Criticism Suspicious Quarrelsome
  • Self-sufficient Pride Complaining
  • Bitterness Love of money Some inheritances
  • Magnifying wrongs Impatience Selfishness
  • Covetousness Vanity Self-exultation
  • Accusing Gossiping Judging
  • Penuriousness Talking of others faults Unkindness
  • Clinging to idols