Kaye Sehm is a mother and grandmother who lives at Albury, on the border of NSW and Victoria. Over twenty years ago she started to share with people the diet and lifestyle she was using. By incorporating the eight laws of health and by following a vegan vegetarian diet, she noticed that many health related problems vanished or were greatly helped.

Over the past twenty years she has run different classes for the public. These cover topics such as The Eight Laws of Health,

Vegetarian Cooking,

Sourdough Breadmaking,

Simple Home Remedies,

Simple Hydrotherapy Treatments,

How to Make Herbal Ointments and Oils,

Herbs for Your Health,

Making Kefir, Sprouts and Sauerkraut,

Health Laws of the Bible.


Kaye also sends out a free quarterly newsletter called Back to Eden that shares topics that relate to natural health and healing. Her programs cover how to use simple herbs such as cayenne, comfrey, hawthorn berry plus many more.  She shows how to relieve pain and inflammation by using poultices and water treatments.  Most times the ingredients for these poultices are found in your kitchen cupboard. Then she shares with you simple ways to improve digestion, detox your body using poulticing drinks and how to detox your liver.  As she demonstrates these, you will hear many personal stories of how people have been helped and healed.

Kaye has also compiled a vegan vegetarian recipe book that not only uses no meat, dairy, eggs, sugar or unhealthy fats, she shows how to make tasty dishes. Most cooks do not know how to substitute milk and cheese that are so popular with families. They are at a total loss to have desserts that a sugar free but still healthy.  Come along to these meetings to learn these simple recipes. You will be shown what spreads you can use on your bread and how avoid the harmful additives that are in prepared foods?

If you are interested in topics such as these, don’t miss the opportunity to hear Kaye. You will not be disappointed. For those of you who are unable to attend Kaye’s classes, she has 3 DVD sets available for sale.